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CMM Wiki Mission

CMM Wiki Mission: To bring together the collective knowledge, wisdom and experience of the CMM community in one place for the benefit of all.

In the spirit of a true community, very few areas of this site will be protected from editing, though in order to edit any page you must create a login.

Commercial links and interests are acceptable (since many resources and help are supplied by OEMs), and will only be removed if they are blatant advertisements or otherwise against the spirit of the community.

Introduction to CMMs

CMM Definition according to Wikipedia

CMM History

CMM Concepts

Types of CMM's

Traditional CMM

Portable CMM

Vision CMM

Uses for CMMs

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Verification of Assemblies

In-process Inspection

Final Inspection

Receiving Inspection

Research and Development

Reverse Engineering

CMM Resources

Associations and Conferences

CMM Accessories

CMM Software

CMM Manufacturers

CMM Trade Magazines



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